AT1201 Flagship Audio A/D Converter

The AT1201 is a 2-channel A/D converter designed for the most uncompromising high performance systems in the audio and test & measurement markets.

Using proprietary multi-bit sigma-delta modulation, the AT1201 provides the industry's highest dynamic range, excellent THD, and sampling rate of up to 384kHz. On-chip digital filters are designed for perceptually transparent response at all four sampling rates: 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz, and 384kHz. The filters can be bypassed to bring out multi-bit modulator outputs or DSD outputs directly to pins to enable the use of an external filter. Each of the three output modes (PCM, DSD, and multi-bit) can be enabled independently of the others, potentially allowing all three to be active simultaneously. Contact us for an evaluation kit and samples.

AT1201 Block Diagram

AT1201 Block Diagram

Key Features

  • Dynamic Range: 124dB
  • THD+N: -105
  • Sampling Rate: up to 384kHz
  • Advanced Multi-Bit ΣΔ Architecture
  • PCM, Multi-bit, and DSD outputs
  • Lowest Group Delay
  • Digital High Pass Filter
  • Overflow Indicator
  • QFN-64 Green Package


  • High Performance Audio
  • Digital Audio Mixing Consoles
  • Live Sound Production
  • Broadcast Studio Equipment
  • A/V Receivers
  • DVD-R, CD-R
  • Data Acquisition and Test Equipment

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